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Top Tips For Moving Day

26th July 2018

So, you’ve found your perfect home, but moving day is approaching fast. Whilst moving house is a fun, exciting time, it can also be tiring and stressful. 

Planning ahead can help you relax and look forward to your new start. Below are some of our top tips for making moving day go as smoothly as possible:

Tip 1: Begin packing as early as possible

Packing takes time and before you know it, moving day is here. 

Once you know when your moving date is, get started with the packing. Begin with items that you don’t use regularly or rooms that are used less e.g spare bedroom, attic, garage. 

Before you know it, everything will be packed away, your house will be full of boxes and you’ll be feeling calm, and prepared for the big day! 

Tip 2: Declutter before you pack 

Don’t pack what you don’t need. There’s no point in packing away things that you know you won’t use in your new home and moving day is the perfect excuse to declutter. 

Be as brutal as you need to  - if you haven’t used something in years or totally forgot that you owned it, get rid of it. You’ll be more than pleased once moving day comes around and you’ve got only what you need with you. 

Tip 3: Create an inventory 

If you fancy being super organised, creating an inventory is the perfect way to keep an eye on all your belongings and makes sure that nothing gets lost during the move. 

Although it can be a bit of a task, creating an inventory helps you stay on top of things and will make both moving day and the preparation for it a breeze. 

Tip 4: Label properly 

Now this is probably one of our top tips. Clearly labeling boxes so you know what's inside them will make unpacking once you’re in your new home easy. 

There are a few different ways you could go about labeling boxes, including: 

  • Writing on the box what items are inside and which room they’ve come from 
  • Write which room it is in your new home that these items are destined for
  • Get some coloured stickers, stick them on the boxes and give each room in your new home a colour to help categorise. 

Tip 5: Pack an essentials box 

Pack an essentials box full of the things you’re going to need first. This saves you from searching through boxes and means that you can starting living in your new home straight away. 

Some ideas of essentials to include are: 

  • Box cutter (for unloading your stuff) 
  • Paper towels, bin bags and toilet paper
  • Cutlery 
  • The kettle and some mugs 
  • Tea, coffee, milk and sugar (No better time for a brew.) 

Tip 6: Update your address 

Now this one might seem a bit obvious, but with all the stress of packing and organising for moving day, it can easily be forgotten about. 

A good idea is to start with companies or organisations such as your bank, dentist, doctors etc. two weeks before you move. If you know that mail will be going to your old address, you can use the Royal Mail redirection service for a small fee. 

Moving day can be stressful but following these top tips will hopefully make things easier. Remember to plan ahead, relax and don’t leave everything to the last minute. 

Still searching for your new home? Take a look at our current developments in Kirkheaton and Honley, or contact Eastwood Homes at info@eastwoodhomes.co.uk.

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